The Pro League

The ESL One is ESL's premier gaming competition for the best Battlefied 4 teams. Teams get to compete with each other on an almost weekly basis.

Until the end of 2014 it features an overall prize fund of 120,000€, split over four seasons. In the first stage, established champions get matched with up-and-coming challengers who proved their skill in the A-Series – the perfect opportunity to build up a reputation.

Season Champion
Winter 2013-14 MeetYourMakers
Spring 2014 Fnatic
Summer 2014 Fnatic
Fall 2014 Fnatic
ESL One Website


Go4 Series

The weekly Cup

Geared towards serious teams that want to take it to the next level as well as professional teams, the Go4 Battlefield 4, happening every weekend, is the proving ground for teams as they compete for cash prizes - up to 1000€ per month.

» Go4 Battlefield Portal



The league.

Looking to get accustomed to the demands of professional play in Battlefield 4? Then the A-Series is for you and your team.

Featuring the European A-Series, a pan-European online tournament, and the National A-Series that includes local level tournaments in countries including the UK and Ireland, France, Germany and Spain. The best teams from both series qualify for the highest level of competition, the ESL One.


ESL Versus and more

The matchmaking.

Designed for teams and individual players to hone their competitive Battlefield skills, Versus utilizes ESL’s sophisticated matchmaking system and additional anti-cheat measures to provide a fair and level battlefield while giving you the tools to create your own team.



In addition, we have plenty more tourneys and ladders for you, with a wide range of teamsizes and gamemode in the specific regional ESL sections.


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